Light Bulb Moment 1: Stained Suncream

February 18, 2018

Imagine this, a suncream that was coloured so you could see where you've put it.


I know what you're thinking... they call that zinc right?



No, I don't want the suncream to be permanently coloured, I just want it to show up a light pink or a light blue for a few minutes until it soaks in and then I want it to continue providing that invisible protection that we love about suncream.


Why is an electrician in Sydney thinking about this sort of thing you ask?


I work outdoors a lot, on rooftops working on wiring and putting together complex switchboards for large commercial buildings, fixing garden and balcony lighting and generally driving between jobs.  This makes old Mr Sunshine and his damaging UV rays one of my mortal enemies. 


I'm pretty diligent about applying suncream, but there seems to always be one little patch that I miss.  Sometimes it's the inside of my knee or the back of my arm, or a strip right at the top of my forehead, but I hate it when I get home and I've got one little patch of sunburn.  I'm better than that.


I'm an electrician, I don't understand the chemistry involved in making suncream, but if someone out there could run with this idea and make me a suncream that makes it obvious where I've put it and then fades out to invisible when it soaks in, I'm happy to buy it off you.  I don't even want any royalties.









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